Toma Clark Haines, Jewelry Designer and Diva Lifestyle Expert

Toma Clark Haines, Jewelry Designer and Diva Lifestyle Expert


In 2018 Toma Clark Haines launched the TCH Collection – Lush Decadence Couture Jewelry, offering one of a kind, hand-made semi-precious jewelry and carefully curated pedigreed vintage and antique jewelry pieces. All pieces in the collection are handmade and personally designed by Toma and her business partner, May Au of Madame Siam. The studio accepts personalizations to pieces in the collection and custom designs, which they translate into wearable art. 

A self-professed jewelry addict, Clark Haines explains why her 1st collection Hiver 2018 features rings:

“Rings are my favorite accessory. They are the thing I wear for myself. When I wear a ring I see it all day long, typing on my computer, driving my car or enjoying a cocktail." 

While the TCH Collection focuses on Clark Haines’ designs, she will also offer a selection of pedigreed vintage and antique finds. Of prominence is the ‘Ara’ collection by an Italian designer: every piece is a work of art. Taking inspiration from the shape of the stones, the designs incorporate semiprecious and precious stones with antique elements, interweaving small beads like lace filigree.       


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